Giving away online roulette formulas

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waiting to stab again

  • For this UFABET roulette formulas, you will wait to act. Only when the game that bets The same color is repeated 7 times, for example, if it is red. Then let the red stick together 7 times. Then the 8th time, let the red stab first. If not then bet on the black for about 10-14 times. For sure if the pattern of the rotation came out like this Most of them will be able to make profits up to 3-5 consecutive rounds before the game image changes again. If the game changes, stop and watch it until it’s released again. then put money that means You don’t have to play every turn, just bet on certain eyes that you think have a high probability.
Giving away online roulette formulas


  • Really, there is very little chance that there will be an alternate design. Unlike baccarat gambling The result of counting the cards will come out in the form of ping-pong more. however It’s not like there’s no chance at all. for roulette game Because just making consecutive bets at least 7-8 eyes, noting that previously Has been issued alternately about 6-7 rounds and the 8th round let us choose to repeat the stab In the body that just went out, if you lose money, compound the amount. And then bet on the straight side through which most of them will get money in this round.

Odd pairs use the same principle.

  • From the formula that the author has suggested above. In addition to being used to choose whether to bet on red or black, it can also be used to choose a double bet. or odd However, it is advisable to note them separately. make a separate table Because each formula are different in terms of the rhythm of the ball To agree in the box and when the two formulas to choose from together You will be able to make more money from betting just 1 round and more, but if you bet in a row for 7 rounds, it is recommended to move the table, it will be better because the chances of playing will start to decrease. Even if the same notes are taken