How to play roulette

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for how to play roulette At the start of the game the dealer will give the player 60 seconds to place a bet before the dealer does. Turn the roulette wheel to the left. After that, drop the roulette ball or ball to the right side. In which the ball and roulette wheel will continue to spin and when it stops. The ball will move down to stop at a specific number. On the keys of the roulette By the way to play roulette in online casinos in Thailand. There are numbers 0-36 for you to choose to bet in. In one game you can choose to bet more than one and many pretty gaming methods. Where you can choose to bet. There are several methods with different payout odds as follows:

How to play roulette

Direct bet (Straight up): is to place a bet on the number you want by placing the chip on the middle of the number you want, such as 1,6,18, etc. The payout ratio is 1:35.

  • Split betting : is to place bets between two adjacent numbers such as 16,19 or 19,20 etc. The payout is 1:17.
  • Place bets (Street betting): is to place bets on rows of three numbers. By placing the chip on the edge of the line as in the picture. Such as 13,14,15, etc., the payout ratio is 1:11
  • Corner betting : A bet on four numbers with chips placed on the four corners of the numbers, for example 25,26,28,29, odds of 1:8.
  • Six line betting : is to place bets on two rows. by placing chips between the two rows, for example Rows 16,17,18 and 19,20,21 etc. Payout ratio 1:5
  • 12 slots (Dozen betting) : is to place bets on the fields “1st12” “2nd12” “3rd12” where each box covers a different number; “1st12” covers the numbers 1-12 and 2nd12” covers the numbers. 13-22 and “3rd12” cover numbers 25-36, payout ratio 1:2
  • Column betting : It is a bet on a horizontal number with three fields to choose from: “1st””2nd” “3rd”, payout ratio 1:2.
  • Color betting : It is a bet on a color box with two colors to choose from: red and black, payout ratio 1:1.

How to play online roulette is very simple, just find the numbers that you like and place a bet by quickly placing a bet before the time runs out. Players can place bets on numbers or patterns that you Predicted whether it is a single favorite, a row favorite, zone favorite and choose the amount of credit (the amount of bets), which each has Different pay rates After the betting time has expired.

 The tablekeeper will spin the ball in the wheel. This is to randomly determine which number the ball will be at rest. After the run of the ball came to a standstill. The table operator slowly spins the roulette wheel until it stops. Then, the numbers are displayed on the ball and compared to check the profit.