Online roulette formula that works well.

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horizontal trap

It is the most basic way to play roulette online. As many people call Favorite Roulette Formula. That is to place bets in horizontal traps that are available in 3 rows namely 1st 2nd 3rd. The important thing of this online roulette betting technique to get real. Money is that players have to look at the statistics back about 3 -10 eyes and check to see. Where the roulette results come out most often. Then next for players to bet using the roulette formula. This is to choose to trap horizontal rows 2 out of 3 rows. For example, historical statistics have the most chance of exiting the 1st row.

Let us use a technique to trap horizontal 2 rows. For example, choose to bet on the 1st and 2nd rows with the amount of money. Place equal bets If the roulette result comes out on the 1st row. We will receive a winning bet of 3 times the odds of the bet. This makes this recipe easy to use and will help anyone. I have already made countless real money from roulette.

Online roulette formula that works well.

switch off

Easy way to play roulette for real money in placing bets. That is suitable for novice gamblers or people who may not have a lot of funds. This online roulette formula that has a high chance that the player will bet correctly. But requires patience and the secret of this roulette formula. You have to know how to wait for the moment. The technique of playing roulette is to switch to get money. In the event that the results come out alternately red black red black or that will alternate high-low for 4-6 consecutive eyes or more. Of course, most people will think that the next eye, roulette will switch again. 

But in fact, if the roulette is often switched. There is a high chance that the 7th turn will have a chance to repeat the previous result. An example of using the roulette formula to switch out to see a simple picture. If the roulette results are alternating, black, red, black, red, black, red, 7th eye, the next player to use this formula will bet. The same red roulette This method is guaranteed to help you make real money from online roulette.

Repeated stab

Another great technique for playing roulette online. That will make you rich easily from playing online roulette. This formula is repeated stabbing. Let the players bet on the results that came out about 4-5 times before, the next turn you bet on the opposite side of the results that will come out before, for example, the roulette result is a duplicate of 5 odd numbers, the 6th eye. Let us choose to place a bet to bet on an even number of 100 baht if the result is still an odd number. do not panic Let you take this roulette course to bet on even numbers and roll up the bet indefinitely. 200 300 400 baht. When the result is an even number, we will get money from this way of playing roulette bets twice. Betting funds ever

Formula Two Rally One

It is a roulette betting formula that is more complicated than the 3 ways to play roulette to get money previously mentioned. By the technique of betting on roulette, this formula allows players to view historical statistics between low bets (1-18) and high bets (19-36), to see which side is out more than 3 times in a row with the bet. high-low The next turn you choose to bet opposite the side that was repeated 3 times before, for example, the result of the bet came out as a low number for three consecutive rounds. The next turn we choose to stab high. Along with stabbing at any row, add 1 row, such as stabbing the 2nd row accordingly

The secret of this betting method is that if the 4th eye we bet High + 2nd row, but the result is a high number that is not in the 2nd row, we will break even, but if the result is a number It’s in the 2nd row, but it’s not a low number. We will profit from using this roulette betting technique. so that you can see clearly To implement this money-making roulette formula, there are the following steps:

Bet on a low number at 100 baht and down on the 2nd row, add an additional 100 baht, including the funds that go down to this eye, all 200 baht. In the event that the result is a low number, but the number is not in the 2nd row that we bet, we will Get 200 baht of winning or pay back

If the result is a number that is in the 2nd row but is a high number We will get a total win of 300 baht, after deducting the capital, we have a profit of 100 baht.

In the event that the bet is correct, both low numbers And is the number in the 2nd row, we will win 500 baht. After deducting the capital, we have a profit of 300 baht.