‘Pogba’, a broken thigh, hinted that he could not help ‘Juve’ at the end of early June.

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French midfielder Paul Pogba Pretend his 2022-2023 season with Juventus is over when the result of the injury to his left thigh, although not severe, will take about 3 weeks to recover.

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba continues to struggle with injuries. When the results of the physical examination on Monday, May 15, it appeared that. Has an injury to his left thigh. And it will take about 15-20 days to recover. Which may cause him to recover in time for the final game of the UFABET season, the away game against Udinese on Sunday, June 4 . 

'Pogba', a broken thigh, hinted that he could not help 'Juve' at the end of early June.

The 30-year-old midfielder started the 2-0 Serie A win over Cremonese on Sunday May 14. But he was substituted in the 24th minute. And then allow Arkadiusz Milik to play instead. Which the next day. He had to undergo a thorough injury examination at the club ‘s medical center until the results came out.

A Juve statement said: “Recent scan results revealed an injury to the right side of the left thigh. And the player has already entered the recovery process. “This type of injury usually takes 15-20 days to recover, club sources said.

for star land perfume Suffering from illness all the time since leaving Manchester United, returning to play in Turin again When the past summer. He injured his right knee during pre-season. He initially opted not to participate in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, after a later change of heart, did not recover in time to play for his home country, who lost the World Cup final to RR . Janetina

Earlier, Pogba recovered from injury and returned to play for the first time in the macaroni league game that beat Torino 4-2 at the end of February. but came back injured again. This season, he has only played for the famous Turin team 10 matches, including all competitions. And can not score goals at all, which is expected that this season of the person should have ended successfully. And must have a chance to see the physical condition in the next season