Van Dijk insists Swan does not hang from the battle of the previous season

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Giants defender Virgil van Dijk believes Liverpool were not affected by last season’s qualification race. Until affecting the form of playing this season. Confident that the team will return to the same soon

Liverpool ‘s Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk has confirmed that. His side are unaffected by having played 63 games last season or disappointed. They didn’t make history at the top of the four trophies. Although their performances are now below their previous standards. Until dropped to the middle of the table anyway

Van Dijk insists Swan does not hang from the battle of the previous season

The Reds’ army started the 2022-2023 season with a disappointing start with only 2 wins 4 draws, 1 loss with 10 points, ranks 9th in the table. With the latest game turning the situation from 0-2 behind Brighton. To lead 3-. but did not close the UFABET game  Leandro Trossar hit a hat-trick. So he collected only 1 point.

Defensive line for the Dutch national team. Which was involved in the mistake of the moment came out for an interview after a reporter asked. Was there a hangover from having to play a number of games, saying “No, not at all, there are no symptoms or effects of that. Apparently the team is getting better. We play in the best leagues in the world. that every team has potential We have to go back to being consistent and playing with joy and without pressure. But it all started with doing it together and working hard. I still say the same But we have to find that momentum first.” 

At the same time, the 31-year-old defender is also optimistic that They will be able to return to their own path again. After dropping scores for several shots because the past was difficult Because the team is not in the best shape and we all But I’m sure We will be back. 4 months ago we played for every championship. We’re not in the best of times right now. But we will definitely get there.

For Liverpool , there were many problems with midfield players and back injuries at the start. In addition, some key players do not perform well. As the defensive line began to signal problems, especially Trent Alexander-Arnold, who was seen as the cause of many goals conceded, the Kop became dissatisfied with the result. Own work