Wenger slams 2 players to reveal weaknesses of teammates

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Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal manager Came out to criticize the two. Manchester United players in a way that helped expose the weaknesses of their teammates during last night’s Manchester derby.

Arsene Wenger has criticized Manchester United ‘s first-half performance as they were beaten 6-3 by Manchester City in last night’s Manchester derby. The former Arsenal boss making special mention of two players. The Red Devils trailing four goals in the first half before Phil Foden and Erling Haaland both netted hat-tricks. In the second half But the visitors did not give up and regained 3 goals before the end of the UFABET game.

Wenger slams 2 players to reveal weaknesses of teammates

          Manchester City did a satisfactory first half leading away from their city rivals. And Wenger felt that this game was won by playing along the line. The Frenchman has criticized both Anthony and Jadon Sancho for doing little to help their troubled full-backs and also open up their weaknesses. What was unbelievable for me in the first half was that Manchester United defended so badly. The former Arsenal manager told beIN Sports.

From the first minute Diogo Dalot got a yellow card and Sancho and Anthony didn’t play a part in the defence. He said always. After that, when they get the ball I feel like they are too attached to the game plan. Possession of the ball is not enough.” “They don’t play for possession. They only want a counterattack.”

     Wenger spoke of the merits amid Manchester United’s woes in the first half. The former Gunners boss keen to point out that Rafael Varane – United’s tallest defender – was not on the pitch when Haaland scored the second goal for Manchester City. With the Frenchman suffering what appeared to be a sprained ankle and was not allowed to return to the pitch before the defenders took a corner prompting Christian Eriksen. Had to join Haaland. Which eventually ended badly.

         Wenger explained: “The only positive situation I would like to tell them is. They conceded the second goal while Varane was and when I saw Eriksen trying to mark Haaland. You will be worried about Manchester United immediately. For the defeat in this game is a crushing defeat against the city rivals with the most score in more than 10 years. After the last result of this kind of competition was. Manchester United lost 6-1 at home to Manchester City in the Premier League in 2011.