Cold water, warm water, hot water, what are the advantages of each type of shower?

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Bathing is also a way to wash away impurities from the body. Bathing also helps refresh the body. and make the brain alert Moreover, water also helps keep the skin healthy. Normally, when taking a shower, we usually have water of different temperatures to choose from. But what effect do different water temperatures have on health?

Cold water, warm water, hot water, what are the advantages of each type of shower?

Cold showers.
Cold showers are showers with a temperature lower than 27 degrees Celsius. Cold showers help wake up the muscles due to the blood flowing to the skin. more After that, you will feel refreshed. Reduce feelings of depression and depression

Take a warm shower.
A warm shower is a bath at a temperature of 27-37 degrees Celsius that will help exfoliate the โปรโมชั่น ufabet skin. Expel out more residual waste. Helps you feel comfortable. Reduce symptoms of cold hands and feet, swelling, varicose veins and stimulates blood circulation. It also helps reduce stress. Warm water is suitable for people who don’t sleep well. Because warm water increases the temperature in the body, making you feel comfortable and easy to fall asleep.

Take a hot bath.
A hot bath is a bath at a temperature of 37-42 degrees Celsius, which will help with better blood circulation. The body is awake. But you shouldn’t bathe or soak in hot water for more than 15 minutes because the body will get too hot and cause dizziness and fainting. Moreover, hot water can cause dry skin, rashes, wrinkled skin, and anxiety. Therefore, after taking a hot bath, Follow up with a cool shower to tighten pores. and apply skin care cream