Anche opens up about being hijacked in the penalty shootout after Benzema’s latest mistake

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Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti opened up. After being asked about a replacement for the penalty taker after Karim Benzema misfired in La Liga last night past.

Carlo Ancelotti did not want to use the international break. As an excuse when referring to Real Madrid ‘s 1-1 draw with Osasuna in La Liga on Sunday. This game White King is not much damaged when he can only open the nest of Santiago Bernabeu and host ‘Osasuna’ with the remaining 10 people in this game with Karim Benzema missing. The penalty at the end of the UFABET game sent the team to stop the record of winning 10 games in a row including all items. Collected 19 points as much as Barcelona, ​​but the goal was – lost as a secondary Officially the leader

Anche opens up about being hijacked in the penalty shootout after Benzema's latest mistake

          This game, the hosts took the lead in the 43rd minute from Vinicius Junior. But the second half in the 51st minute Osasuna equalized 1-1 from the ball in front of the right-hand penalty area David Garcia added up. High scooped the ball into the penalty area for Kique Garcia to gore and sag over Andrey Lunin’s hand. Tucked in the far post window but in the 79th minute the ‘White King’ lost the lead unfortunately from the rhythm of David. Garcia deliberately pushed Karim Benzema into the penalty area. The referee checked VAR and turned around to point to the penalty spot and gave the Spaniard a red card. But Benzema killed and wiped the beams off the back.

     After the game, Ancelotti analyzed the game, saying: “In general, the game is good, it’s pretty simple. to some point But the second half was more intense after a draw. Substitutions give us fresh players. But we can’t use the national team break as an excuse. We regret the dropping points. But this is a good opponent and we must look forward. They are well organized and with a bit of luck. We used to have great records and now we will try to start another great record.”

          Ancelotti also spoke of Benzema missing penalties after missing twice against Osasuna last season. With both goals saved by Sergio Herrera, the Italian was asked if he was considering replacing the shooter. He said that this had been thought in his mind as well . But he was the man who scored two of the most important penalties of last season for Manchester City and he did. So he’s our best penalty shooter. Overall, it’s not his best game. But that’s because he may not be very sharp. He should be better in the next games.”

         Ancelotti also spoke about an injury to Thibaut Courtois, which was announced on Sunday, October 2, 2022. The 63-year-old has provided an update on the Belgium international. By telling at the press conference. Tomorrow he will go for a physical examination. nothing too serious. So we’ll see if he can play on Wednesday.” The Real Madrid host the Santiago Bernabeu against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League. On Wednesday,